The 3 Best Spots For Camping And Hiking In The US

The 3 Best Spots For Camping And Hiking In The US


Spending a day wandering around the woods, enjoying breathtaking sights, and dipping your toes into clear waters … sounds appealing? You can easily have all of this by taking a little trip to a camping site. There are many places in the country to visit that can give you a great camping experience, but we are going to focus on 3 of them you can visit any time of the year.

Yosemite National Park, California
A great place to get away from it all, as there are no roads nearby, buildings or even electricity in many miles. It has 13 popular campgrounds scattered around and each of them has many highlights to offer depending on the season. They all allow back-country camping, but you have to get a free wilderness permit ahead of time. Once you’re there you can take a hike up to Glacier Point, where you can have a look at the famous Yosemite Valley, the High Sierra Peaks or a rock structure venerated among climbers called Half Dome. You can also take the Four Mile Trail that takes around four hours each way, or if you want a little bit more of a challenge you can go to The Panorama Trail that is almost twice as long. After all of this activity you can go back to your tent and spend the night under the stars, as the place is famous for its clear night skies.

Zion National Park, Utah
This otherworldly park is undoubtedly a national treasure, with its huge sandstone cliffs,  bright blue skies and a wide diversity of animals and plants. There are three established campgrounds that are pretty popular around summer, but you will also need a wilderness permit if you want to take an overnight backpacking trip; the permit can be issued the day before of the trip. When it comes to hiking, the Kolob Canyons, in the northwest side of the park is the best choice. There are many trails to take, from five to fourteen miles long, that make excellent four (or eight) hours trips. If you take the longest trail you will end up in Kolob Arch, one of the biggest and most faraway natural arches in the world.


Gran Canyon National Park, Arizona
The reputation of the Gran Canyon speaks for itself, there is not a place in the world that can equal the beauty and quietness of this National Park. There you can find three campgrounds, its recommended that you make reservations for the two most popular ones. You will also need a permit for back-country camping. There you can choose between the North and the South Rim; the first one is more busy and accessible, while the second one is harder to get to and offers more isolation. One of the most popular activities is back-country hiking, it can be a super tough but definitely rewarding experience; you can also go rafting on the Colorado river, this activity is one of the most popular one around the visitors.

Now that you have all this information you just have to pack your tent, your bear-proof containers and a few other basics, and you’ll be ready for a great escape from the rush of the city, that will include a lot of physical activity but also a big amount of relaxation.



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