The 5 Best Countries To Visit in 2017

The 5 Best Countries To Visit in 2017


If traveling abroad is in your plans this year, deciding which city to visit is going to be the toughest step. Every city has something worth seeing, but according to tourists, some of them can guarantee your trip will be one to remember. Here are the top 5 places that have such irresistible features that once you are there you’ll probably never want to go back home.

The ancient and modern Tokyo
Japan is the preferred destination for those looking for an otherworldly experience; it’s not easy to find a place that mixes the old with the new so wonderfully. If you go to the countryside you will be able to visit ancient temples, shrines and castles that will show you the traditional side of Japan’s rich culture, and if you explore the city you’ll be amazed by the futuristic architecture; being the birthplace of most technological gadgets, you will feel as if you were in a sci-fi movie.
The tropical and exotic, Palau
Palau is definitely the ultimate sea sanctuary, with so many natural wonders it’s hard to believe. It’s an archipelago formed by 200 tiny volcanic islands, declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco.  Activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking and sailing are available every day, and getting in touch with its diverse marine wildlife will definitely provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The historical and fun, Prague
Czech Republic and its capital are worldwide famous for their beauty, lovely scenery, and are acclaimed by many as one of the best destinations in Europe. The city of a hundred spires has a lot to offer when it comes to historical backgrounds. Let’s take for example the Prague Castle, that has been often re-built and has overlooked the city since the 9th century. Prague also has a very interesting nightlife that can vary from refined wine bars to trendy nightclubs.

The diverse but well blended, Sydney
When you think about Sydney the first thing that comes to mind is the classic Opera House, but you are wrong to think that’s there is to Australia. Blue beaches, beautiful sights, amazing weather and interesting museums, all gathered into one big and cosmopolitan city that will make you fall in love. It’s definitely worth crossing the entire world to get there. Australia’s features are so unique you’ll probably want to stay there longer than you had planned.

The iconic and romantic, Paris
The city of love is and always will be a perfect touristic destination. The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre have become real icons for people looking to travel abroad. But, as you can imagine, Paris is much more than that, with so many attractions that anyone would need more than a brief vacations to get to know it all. Another highlight of the city is the gastronomy: once you have a zip of some sophisticated French wine or taste one of the various flavorful and traditional dishes like the caramels from Patrick Roger, baguettes, pain au chocolat, and the worldly-known pastry shop Ladurée’s amazing macarons.



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