Cruising Solo: The Good, The bad And What to Avoid

Cruising Solo: The Good, The bad And What to Avoid


If you have made the choice to cruise alone, it would be smart to take every aspect into consideration. As everything, going in a solo trip on a cruise may have it’s ups and downs. Here’s what to do, what not to do, and what to definitely avoid, so once you find yourself in the middle of the sea, you wont regret your decision.

The good
The good side of a solo cruise is that this way of traveling is perfect for meeting new people. All of the activities going on inside and outside the ship are designed for all travelers to get close together. You will definitely not be the only one going alone, and if you are single and looking for romance you will have plenty of chances of finding a companion. Another good side is the liberation, once you alone and deep in the ocean you will feel free from all the pressure brought by your everyday life, cruises want their customers to feel happy and relaxed so there is a lot to do and you will hardly get bored during your travel.


The bad
The bad side of a solo cruise if that you are, literally, trapped in there. If you don’t get along well with your co-travelers you may end up feeling lonely and detached. And let’s say you are not traveling solo to meet new people but just for the sake of being alone with your thoughts, if that’s the case you wont have many chances to do it, because as we told you there will be a lot going on in the ship for the entire journey. Other downsides would be that taking a solo cruise may end up being expensive; if you don’t want to share a room you may end up having to pay high rates. Most cruises cabins are designed to accommodate from two to four people and going on your own can mean paying for a double occupancy.

What to avoid
When talking about what to avoid, we have plenty of advice. Cruises frequently have a restriction on what the passenger can buy onshore and bring back to the cabins. Liquor on board is often nowhere near affordable and if you get caught sneaking a bottle to your cabin you may be asked to pay a corkage charge, so think twice before doing it. The food served on the ship is not always healthy, and with 24/7 meals and hundreds of items in a buffet line, you will have to be cautious to make good food choices. We can also recommend dodging useless purchases; many people return from cruise trips loaded with a lot of “local” garb that they hardly ever use. If you chose a cruise because of it’s cheapness you may end up cheating yourself when buying random souvenirs or things you can easily find at home.



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