The Best Destinations For a Weekend Getaway To Remember

The Best Destinations For a Weekend Getaway To Remember


It happens every once in a while to us all. We suddenly have the urge to get away from everything and clear our minds from routine, but most of us have responsibilities that prevent us from just going away as much as we’d like. But if you can’t wait to leave until your official vacations, a weekend getaway might give you more balance than you can imagine. With just two or three days you’ll have to relax and have fun, and come back ready to work those pesky office hours that keep you so stressed out.

But how do you choose a weekend getaway destination? Well, first you should pick a city where you can see everything there is to be seen in a couple of days. Check out these incredible destinations that may give you exactly what you were looking for.

New Orleans
Getting there is relatively easy. The city is served by many budget airlines and also gives you the option of taking a cruise ship to the place. Once you are there you can explore the main neighborhoods quite easily by streetcar or even walking, being walking the preferred option by many, as it’ll allow you to enjoy the musical scene of the city, with its many musicians playing jazz all over the streets. You’ll also have time to go cruising the Mississippi on a river boat or take an air-boat to explore the local bayous and get submerged on the cultural richness of this historic city during the night.


San Diego
Being part of LA, a huge state that offers basically anything you’d want to see as a tourist, San Diego greatly sums up all the highlights of it. First you have the beaches; any and all of them are incredible for a fun day outside, particularly Pacific Beach which is both dreamy and picture-perfect. If you want to get in touch with wildlife you’ll also have many places to choose from; San Diego Zoo is a must if you want to get to see many different animal species in just one day. If you want to see wildlife in their natural habitat you can take a tour in San Diego Harbor and have a face-to-face encounter with cute little seals. For art lovers the place to visit is Balboa Park, the unofficial center of the city, where there are about 16 different museums, all of them with stimulating and interactive exhibitions that are guaranteed fun for anyone.




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